Product Name Product Description
Halogen lamps for illumination

As a major manufacturer of halogen lamps we boast a wide selection of products, including lamps for general lighting, stage and studio lighting, optical instrument, and special lighting. The lineup, which provides compactness, longevity, a high color rendering index, and superior luminous efficiency, is truly the standard.

LED lamps for illumination

Unchanging light, unchanging shape." is the concept by which LED bulbs shaped the unique ideas of our "Light" innovation company. We are committed to light quality, image, shape and size, while offering improved energy saving and environmental impact, and achieving high compatibility in the true sense without affecting ambiance.


Soraa LED Lamp ~ High color rendering presents the original color of the object ~ <Product Features> 1) Full spectrum design 2) High CRI (CRI≧95) 3) Single light source 4) SNAP system